Volunteer Fire Department
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How It All Began

In 1956 the Bakersville Volunteer Fire Company of Jefferson Township was started. The founding members created the department because they felt the response time for any of the neighboring fire departments was just too long due to the distance they needed to travel. They started with one fire truck that was
pushed down the street by the firemen to get it started.

It is a much different world we live in today. The Bakersville Volunteer Fire Department has changed with the times. We use the most current equipment and training techniques to ensure that our community has the best protection available in a volunteer department.

Our Charter Members

Listed below are our Charter Members, those that signed the original charter forming the Bakersville Volunteer Fire Department:

Deceased Charter

  • Floyd DePhillips
  • Norman Humberson
  • Harold Kuhlman
  • Jack W. Lewis
  • George Parke
  • Anthony Schmidt
  • Roy Shaulis
  • J. Paul Gallagher

Surviving Charter Members

  • Robert Shaulis