Volunteer Fire Department
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Our Firefighting Equipment

Tanker 624-2
Tanker 624-2 is a 2001 International Truck that is equipped with a 1750 gallon per minute pump and a 2500 gallon tank. Its primary purpose is to supply water to a fire. Tanker 624-2 is also relied upon by other fire departments for hauling water.

Engine 624-3
Engine 624-3 is a 1999 International Truck that carries a 1500 gallon per minute pump and a 1000 gallon tank. It is equipped with a thermal imaging camera, salvage tarps, 1500 feet of 5″ supply hose, a carbon monoxide detector, and other firefighting tools.

Rescue 624-4
Rescue 624-4 is a 1995 Ford F-450 used as a QRS (Quick Response Service) unit, carrying medical equipment. It is used when assisting on ambulance calls and at vehicle accident scenes. On-board equipment consists of Homatrol Hydraulic tools (used at vehicle accident scenes to extricate trapped occupants), an air bag rescue system, an on-board air compressor, and an on-board generator. This unit also has a 4000 watt light tower that is used to provide lighting at emergency scenes. It also carries a gas meter that is used to monitor air quality and test for contaminants such as carbon monoxide.

Utility 624-5
Utilty 624-5 is a 2007 GMC 4 door, purchased on 2009. It is equiped with a pump and a 300 gallon tank used for brush fires.  It is a Pa certified QRS unit that is used in severe weather due to its increased ground clearance and its 4 wheel drive. It is used as a support unit on vehicle accidents, traffic control, etc. This unit also is utilized to pull our trailer with ranger 624-6 and additional brush fire equipment.

Ranger 624-6
Ranger 624-6 is a 2005 Polaris Ranger 6-wheel drive utility veicle, purchased used in 2009 using a 50% matching grant from the Pa forestry service.  This unit has a pump and a 75 gallon tanks for brush fires.  It is also capable of transporting injured or ill persons where conventional vehicles cannot access.